Projects Gallery

Welcome to our projects gallery. As project pictures become available, new images will be added to provide a glimpse of the many project types completed by Schultheis Electric.

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DSC02825 DSC02826 DSC03722 IMG_0401 IMG_0834 AUGER 1 AUGER 2 MEN 1 AUGER 2 MEN AUGER EXTENDED AUGER BIG BUCKET DISTANT BOOM BUCKET ACTION Bucket & Trailer Bucket and Auger TRANS , POLE, BUCKET TRANS, BUCKET BOOM FIBER AND DATA FIBER OPTIC PANEL FIBER OPTIC FIBER PANEL Generator & man Generator IMG_0673 IMG_0817 IMG_0825 IMG_0828 IRWIN BANK 1 (1) IRWIN BANK P2150003 (1) mcbroom panel 1 mcbrooms Photo # 2 RedStar 1 Redstar SAM_0048 SAM_0051 SAM_0332 SAM_0374 Substation in Progress #3 Substation #1 Substation #2 Substation #2b Substation in Progress #1 Substation in Progress #2 Savage Mountain Lighted big savage light install jquery lightbox resize imageby v6.0


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