Preventative Maintenance & Testing

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Electrical problems occur whether you’re prepared for them or not. Schultheis Electric offers around the clock emergency maintenance, year round. You’re business doesn’t stop operating at the first sign of snow or rain, so we won’t either, and we’ll be sure to get you running again quickly and affordably.

Schultheis also provides standard maintenance services, as all equipment requires occasional testing and repair. We cover all of the bases for you, from simple indoor and outdoor lighting upkeep to in-depth energy audits.

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Pittsburgh Electrician, Bucket TruckMaintenance & Testing

We provide regularly scheduled preventative maintenance for both commercial and industrial electrical systems. Why? Because maintenance is easy and repairs are expensive and time consuming, and damaged electrical systems are dangerous!

We customize our maintenance plans to tailor-fit the needs of our clients, ensuring that all concerns are covered and that time and money are saved.

Some of the preventative maintenance services that we offer include:

  • NFPA 70E employee safety training and testing, preventing costly and life-threatening work incidents
  • Preemptive Emergency Power solutions for the times when power loss isn’t preventable
  • TEGG Service procedures to prevent and reduce the effects of a dirty power system
  • Grounding & Bonding Testing to ensure proper equipment grounding
  • Power Quality Audits to determine the state of your facility’s power system.
  • Infrared Thermography services to locate the early warning signs of equipment failure
  • Ultrasonic Electrical Inspections to detect arcing, tracking, and corona discharge before they can become serious threats

Call or contact Schultheis Electric today to learn more about the many maintenance programs we have to offer.


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