Electrical Services

With extensive experience in all facets of electrical work, Schultheis Electric specializes in challenging Industrial and Commercial applications, while providing Residential services too.

At Schultheis Electric, we’re problem solvers able to deliver cost-effective project solutions with quality, commitment, and assurance.

Industrial Electric ServicesIndustrial Electric

From new construction and renovations to system upgrades, our industrial electrical services are aimed at keeping your facility in top condition and always operating smoothly.

Learn more on our Industrial Electrical page.

Our technicians are highly skilled in both Medium and High Voltage distribution, as well as services that will help you avoid costly and time-consuming malfunctions. These include our Infrared Thermography program, as well as our various Preventative Maintenance & Testing programs.

Commercial Electric ServiceCommercial Electric

With our commercial electrical design and installation, we do our very best to help you compete in the modern world. From power and security to data communications, Schultheis Electric has both the personnel and the fleet equipment to respond effectively.

Learn more on our Commercial Electric page.

We can ensure that your lights are always on with our Emergency Power program, and we’ll keep you connected to your staff and your clients via our Data & Communications services.

Residential Electric ServiceResidential Electric

In addition to providing exceptional residential services, Schultheis Electric offers advanced electrical products aimed at keeping your home safe and improving your quality of life.

These range from our Tri-State Lightning Protection installations to our smart Home Automation services.

Learn more on our Residential Electric page.

Call Schultheis Electric today at 1-800-669-5373 today or contact us to discover what we can do to solve your unique electrical needs.


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